Friday, July 22, 2011

Vedic Mathematics - Multiplication Nikhilam Method


  1. sir if 1st no. is not near to base but 2nd no. is near to it , then we can apply this or not ???

  2. to find the square ending in 5 s
    25*25=2(2+1) and 25 gives 625
    35*35=3(3+1) and 25 gives 1225
    95*95=9(9+10abd 25 gives 9095

    to multiply24*26 = 2(2+1)and 24 gives 624
    78*72=7(7+1) and 16 gives 5616..and so on

    ending in 25
    625*625=6(6and half)*10 and 625=390625
    725*725=7(7 and half)*10and 625=525625
    try more, i dont know that i explained here is related to vedic maths.

  3. Thank you Vijayan sir for sharing.

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