Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inverse Trigonometric Functions - II

In continuation of the previous post on Inverse Trigonometric Functions , let us define the remaining three functions.
  •  The inverse cotangent function , denoted by cot-1 is the function with domain R,range      (-π/2,0) U (0,π/2], defined by y=cot-1x  => x = coty The inverse sine function is also called arccotangent , it is denoted by arccot. 
  • The inverse secant function , denoted by sec-1 is the function with domain       (-∞,-1] U [1, ∞), range [0,π/2) U (π/2,π] , defined by y = sec-1x => x = secy The inverse secant function is also called arcsecant , it is denoted by arcsec. 
  • The inverse cosecant function , denoted by cosec-1 is the function with domain (-∞,-1] U [1, ∞), range [-π/2,0) U (0,π/2] , defined by y = cosec-1x =>                x = cosecy The inverse cosecant function is also called arccosec , it is denoted by arccosec.
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