Thursday, July 5, 2012

Polynomial - Long Division


  1. There is something intrinsically beautiful about dividing one polynomial into another polynomial.

    1. I agree, polynomial division is a beautiful thing when it is done right.

      Speaking of which, I am a developer of a site that automatically does polynomial and synthetic division step by step called

      Perhaps, you guys here may find it useful.

  2. A process of division in arithmetic, usually used when the divisor is a large number, in which each step of the division is written out.
    the process of dividing a number by another number containing, ordinarily, two or more figures, and of putting the steps down in full.

  3. try 'synthetic division' for the video example. this is applicable when the divisor is linear.

    below is a link that will show as many examples as one wants.

    by the way, i came across your post about the ntse practice questions in my google+ feed and from there came to this video demonstration.