Saturday, October 20, 2012

GeoGebra Tutorial - 2 Points and Lines

Let us Start : Perform the following actions 
  • Go to Options , select Font Size and choose 18 points 
  • Go to Options , select Point Capturing and then select Fixed On Grid.
  • Finally to select labeling of points , go to Options select Labelling then select New Points Only. 
  • Go to View , select Grid. 
  • Click on the point button and place a point at (3,2) using the left click on your mouse.
  • Click back on the arrow (Move Button) and then drag your point around. Notice the coordinates change on the point itself and in the Algebra window.
  •   Click in the Input Field and type (-2,-4) and press Enter.
  • Click on the Line through two points button  and then click on the two points on the screen to construct a line through these two points.
  • Click on the arrow ( move button )   and

    •   click any where on the line and drag the line. You can see the equation of line changes in algebra window.
    • Click on any of the two points and drag the line. You will get the same result.
  • Save your file in a folder. GeoGebra by default assigns .ggb extension to files.

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