Thursday, October 18, 2012

GeoGebra Tutorial - I Introduction


GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry , algebra and calculus. GeoGebra is an interactive geometry system. You can do constructions with points , vectors , segments , lines and conic sections as well as functions while changing them dynamically afterwards. At the same time equations and coordinates can be entered directly. Thus GeoGebra has the ability to deal with variables for numbers , vectors and points.

GeoGebra User Interface

Input Field  : Here you can enter the equation for a graph , coordinates of a point or one of GeoGebra’s commands. A list of commands is viewable by clicking on the ‘ Command’ drop down menu near the Input Field.

Geometry Window: This is the window where a graphical representation of your input (graphs, points , lines etc) is displayed.

Algebra Window : This window is on the LHS of the Geometry Window. Every geometrical object will have an algebraic representation in this window. You can open and close the Algebra Window using the View Menu.

Toolbar : This consists of a row of buttons. Which ever button you have selected to use will have a blue border. Each button has a drop down arrow at the bottom right of the button. This drop down arrow reveals more buttons. The active buttons will display some brief instructions on how the button works.

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